Functionality Platform


reBUILD20 will construct an immediate actionable operations platform focused on the functionality of your business in the current marketplace. Fusing the information from your needs analysis and the most current data from the CDC, reBUILD20 will deliver a highly detailed, customized, blueprint.


The intentionally sizable scope generated in this planning will allow you to prioritize your needs, the distinctiveness of your consumers and the serviceability of the individual constructs offered in the blueprint. This is not a “one size” fits all solution. In our ever-changing climate, the only principle we know with certainty that will remain constant, is flexibility and adaptation. Operational services planning includes, but is not limited to, elements below:


  • Ingress/Egress pathways and timing 

  • Guest flow pathways and modifications 

  • Timeline adjustments for maximized use of space(s)

  • Development and maintenance of operational budget under the direction of “client” team 

  • Spatial Design, layout and ground plans 

  • Development of needed infrastructure elements 

  • State-of-the-Art Technology 

  • Logistical Staffing Deployments  

  • Graphic Design 

  • Updated staff training and procedures 

  • Development of appropriate PPE usages/identification of specific needs 

  • Identification of potential partner and sponsor opportunities generated by new planning

  • Directional/Informational signage elements 

  • Coordination of city services including but not limited to permitting of non-permanent structures